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Software as a Service (SaaS)

The software is fully managed by us and is cloud based, so it can be easily accessed from any device. Since it is cloud based, no hardware is needed and therefore no IT staff to maintain the servers. You also don't need to install an app, the software is accessible from any device that has a web browser

Solutions Offered

We have created business specific applications that are all modular, meaning that you are free to subscribe to whichever application you need. Please find more information on the following link: https://www.wyz-solutions.com/modules


WYZ Solutions has partnered with one of the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platforms in the World.

The aim of this partnership is to provide our customers with a complete platform that covers all their needs.


If you happen to already have an ERP or software that you would like to connect to our modules. WYZ Solutions Team would be more that happy to develop the necessary Application Programming Interface (API) that will connect the platforms together.


No hardware is required, no large license fees and no IT staff.

Our software modules are pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions.

Secure Data

All data is stored on the cloud and backups are regularly taken by our System Admins to ensure no loss of data.